Among other things I design my own Christmas cards. Every year I paint one on the theme of Rudolph and Santa as a pastiche of a well known artist. It is often inspired by a visit to an exhibition. 

Sketch for Beach massage lady

Pencil sketch 

Paddling in a Puddle

Mixed media


Digital , drawn in Sketchbook 

Rudolph and Santa go into the woods

Watercolour and gouache 

( Sorry Mr Hockney) 

The visit from Santa and Rudolph

Gouache on Arches paper.

(Chez Felix Valloton) 

Santa and Rudolph look for kandinsky

Gouache and ink on Arches  paper 

A fauve santa with Rudolph

Acrylic on Arches paper

(After Andre Derain)

Santa and Rudolph in the winter Place

Acrylic on Arches paper

(Inspired by Georgia O’Keefe)

Still life with Rudolph and Santa

Acrylic on Arches paper

(After Georgio Morandi)

From my studio

Pen and ink on paper 

Holly Rudolph

Digital painting in Procreate 

Valentine owls

Gouache on Arches  paper


Christmas owl

Gouache on Arches paper 

Moon asleep

Pencil sketch on paper 

Jazz band at the conservatoire

Charcoal on paper